What is Bible Study?

Our Bible Study is a weekly gathering for those who wish to grow in God’s Word. It’s approached more as a teaching/classroom setting with discussion mixed in. When our Bible Study takes place, we begin at 6:00 PM on Wednesday nights. We will meet in the worship auditorium of the Church of God at 3201 NE 25th Ave. (Where we meet for worship on Sunday mornings).

Our NEW 2019 Bible Study will begin meeting on August 7th! See the calendar for details.

The Pastoral Epistles

Our Wednesday night Bible study will be a study of the Pastoral Epistles of Paul. These are 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. These letters were written to these two men (Timothy and Titus) as they led specific churches (In Ephesus and Crete). These epistles are a guide to these two preachers on how to lead the church and minister to God’s people. They are a great study for the church today on how we can minister to one another and how to God’s church is to be organized.